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Gerald Celente on Central Bankers and Failed Ponzi Abenomics

Gerald Celente of the Trends Institute has its the central bank’s in collision are trying to manipulate ther’e way out of an implosion, so far nothing is really working. Celente says the Central bankers system is a failing ponzi scheme.
$13 Trillion: Record U.S. Household Debt Exceeds Size of Chinese GDP

After the great recession just a decade ago americans are at new record levels of a whopping $12.7 Trillion in debt. Once again on the edge of another financial implosion reminiscent of 2007-2008 with record debt in Housing, auto loans, student loans and credit cards.
Its no wonder the smart money billionaire hedge funders are worried about the market.
It was a decade ago today that one of the greatest financial crises since the great depression happened and can blamed squarely on the bankers.
Here are eight charts that illustrate how the global economy has fared since that credit crunch:

Decline in “Real Value Added” – a historically reliable indicator that recession is due

Data Courtesy: St. Louis Federal Reserve (FRED)

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