NYSE considers shutting trading floor over coronavirus concerns

  • The New York Stock Exchange is considering closing its trading floor amid concerns the conoravirus outbreak will spread into a wider pandemic
  • Wall Street firms already have started restricting travel and advising workers they may have to work from home 
  • Most trading is done electronically and few traders actually still report to the trading floor, which is closed and will not reopen until Monday  


The New York Stock Exchange is considering shutting its trading floor amid panic the spread of coronavirus could lead to a global economic disaster.

‘NYSE preparing for possibility floor can’t open amid panic,’ Fox News reporter Charles Gasparino tweeted just before the markets closed on Friday.

Wall Street firms are also restricting travel and telling employees they may have to work from home, Gaparino said.

A spokesperson confirmed to DailyMail.com that ‘NYSE is carefully monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and has robust contingency plans, tested regularly, to enable continuous operation of the NYSE exchanges should any facilities be impacted.’



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