Obama just made a SHOCKING admission! "We're training ISIL forces …"

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At a Pentagon press conference today President Obama made a SHOCKING admission. Was it a slip of the tongue or a Freudian Slip? The White House was quick to correct him, but we’ve heard that before.

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8 thoughts on “Obama just made a SHOCKING admission! "We're training ISIL forces …"

  1. He was actually reading this off the page! It was deliberate. Remember, the Illuminati always telegraph what they are doing. Look at the video! His eyes are right on the words on the page or screen. Do you see it?

  2. ” … including volunteers from Sunni tribes … ” That is the clincher part of his statement concerning ISIL, which is made up almost entirely of Sunni Muslims. Obama, himself, is a devout Sunni Muslim.

  3. First, ISIS is Sunni. It’s the Shia that are against them. Second, he’s reading it from his outline while stating it. Finally, notice how the general didn’t even blink an eye. One would think that he would have at least raised an eyebrow and glanced over at the so called misquoted statement. Clearly he’s already in the know. Smh. Sad that no one will do anything about it.

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