NO DEAL; NO BAILOUT! Greece to Exit EURO on Sunday, banks & Businesses already told SWITCH TO DRACHMA; CDS Unwind imminent

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*************** BREAKING NEWS – URGENT ******************
There will be NO DEAL between Greece and its European Creditors; NO DEAL, NO BAILOUT, NO ADDITIONAL ECB LIQUIDITY
Businesses and Banks within Greece have already been told to immediately commence a currency switch to the soon-to-be-re-issued Greek Drachma and, accidentally, some merchants have already begun invoicing customers in the new Drachma currency! This Invoicing in Drachmas has been CONFIRMED by Bloomberg Business News and their coverage can be seen HERE:

Once the Eurozone officially announces NO DEAL, Greece will exit the European Union, RENOUNCE and REPUDIATE ITS DEBTS, and will begin a series of deliberate DEFAULTS on External Bonds delineated in Euros!
This will absolutely, positively trigger Credit Default Swaps, triggering the immediate failure of several large banks in Europe and perhaps even in the United States.
This is a done deal. Everything taking place now – allegedly some new plan and hope for a third bailout — is all theater. The decisions have already been made and the banks and businesses are already switching to what will be the new Drachma.
Those of you with investments in banks, hedge funds, Mutual Funds and the like have until TOMORROW (Friday) to do what it takes to preserve your wealth because on Sunday, the game is over. When Monday morning comes, and markets open, it will be financial destruction as markets tank over this disastrous Greece Exit.
Not only bloomberg reporting this:
Long-feared drachma currency appears in the wild
It’s quietly waiting behind the scenes.
It has been sighted: the first wild drachma.
The Greek currency hasn’t been seen since the nation moved over to the Euro in 2002, but a Bloomberg reporterspotted one of the first sightings on her hotel bill that posted July 4. The bill from a Hilton hotel in Athens listed her total sum in “Drachma EQ.”
Greece has been floundering as it tries to work out a dealfor more financing in exchange for renewed austerity and economic reforms. The euro still officially remains the nation’s official currency, and Eurozone leaders and Greek officials have been battling for six months to avoid such a currency changeover.

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What the new Greek drachma would be worth


19 thoughts on “NO DEAL; NO BAILOUT! Greece to Exit EURO on Sunday, banks & Businesses already told SWITCH TO DRACHMA; CDS Unwind imminent

  1. I agree. With Nuland having been spotted in Greece in March, -nothing- is cut and dried. Even if these bold predictions come 100% true the puppetmasters will probably demand “regime change” like they do everytime a nation decides to look out for it’s own interests.

    • she probably told Tsprias the if he wanted to see his family alive come August-he had better vote the “right” way

  2. The new Drachma will initially suffer from hyperinflation, but after 3 or 4 years Greece’s economy will begin to flourish again as was the case with Iceland who locked up the banksters instead of bailing them out.

  3. I hope this is true, this is the only place I’ve seen this. The rest of the news is talking about a plan that is equally as austere as the original…which I saw as a betrayal of the Greek people!

  4. It has been endlessly entertaining watching the Fake News of late. Especially PBS (Pure Bull Sh*t). The narrative goes like this. Greece has one last chance to stay in the EU and the Euro, etc., etc. It is as if the MSM has been writing the narrative for so many years that the PTB believe they can shift reality by simply changing the narrative. I believe that Monday will be International SHTF* Day.
    *Sh*t Hit The Fan.

  5. Well if this is true it will be the best thing for the Greek people. This is what needs to happen in the us … get rid of the fed …. jail the banksters along with the corrupt congress that helped them and we will be well on the road to recovery.

  6. The people in greece will riot if its accepted throw out the Govt and force the next govt to stop it just like before this time though EU will say screw it, the youth in greece is to strong , and the youth and poor are more powerful than the greek govt , thats how a NO vote came about , their voice shall be heard if not now soon after , greece will literally burn

  7. some receptionist in a hotel in Greece mistakenly used the sign for drachmas instead of Euro’s so that must mean the default of the country is imminent and pre ordained. more likely her head was up her erse worrying about her mothers pension and the like.

  8. If Greece is forced out of the Eurozone then the Greek debt will be placed on Spain’s, Portugal’s, Italy’s (etc) shoulders.

  9. But it hasn’t happened. And those were rather ill-thought out predictions based on what we know of the track record for our species. You get a zero for this one IW.

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