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“I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth. And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud: And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.”Genesis 9:13-15 (KJV)
As the Progressive Left continues it’s chokehold on the US Constitution in general and on the American people in particular, the watercooler debate is now raging over the Confederate flag’s ability to remain flying in the South and wherever else people choose to display it. So let me just start by saying that the Confederate flag is not a “symbol of hate”, it is American history like it or not. The irony here is that the flag represents a time which saw deep divisions in this nation along many lines, the very same divisions that Obama and Company have been so successful in reactivating in 2015.
There is another flag that is as equally hated, if not more so, than the Confederate flag and flies in a whole lot more places, the LGBT Rainbow flag. Like the Confederate flag, it represents a vast minority of our population. Statistics show that less than 5% of people in America claim to be gay, lesbian or some mixture thereof. The LGBT Rainbow flag is popping up everywhere you look, and it does not apply to nearly 95% of the country yet no one is calling for it’s removal. Why not? because we are a FREE SOCIETY in which a Constitution, a Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence allows for freedom of speech and expression. But free speech and expression is something very much despised by Obama and the Left.

When I look at the Confederate flag, I do not automatically associated it with slavery. Most people think this way. If we ban the Confederate flag because a vast minority of Americans associate it with slavery, then in the interest of fairness we must also do that with white sheets, hot tar, feathers, metal chains and all the other symbols of slavery in early America. While you’re at it, start removing the backs from all public buses because the back of a bus always makes me think of Rosa Parks and her struggle. Better yet, lets outlaw the buying, selling and production of everything related to cotton. See how silly that sounds? Well, it’s every bit as sensible and mature as banning the Confederate flag.
I do not like the LGBT Rainbow flag, to me it’s a symbol of a sinful, wicked world on it’s way to an everlasting Hell. Not only that, it’s stolen from God and the Bible (see verses at top) and that’s plagiarism which is illegal so it’s not just offensive it’s also a crime. Why is no one being prosecuted for this obvious theft of intellectual property? Do you see where I am going with all this? We used to be a free society, we used to be able to express our beliefs and opinions without fear of reprisals. Have we lost that in 2015? Yes, obviously we have.


As you read this, our fundamental rights we have long enjoyed as Americans are being ripped out of our hands, and we are being told how to think and how to act. Persecution of Christians in this country is at an all-time high and climbing every week. The LGBT demands freedom to think, do, speak and act as they please, but will ill-afford that right to anyone else. If we allow the Radical Left to force people to take down the Confederate flag while allowing the display of the LGBT Rainbow flag, then we will have crossed a line from which there is no turning back. We will have ceased to be a democratic Republic and will have become a nation of slaves run by tyrants. Banning the Confederate flag is a symptom of the fatal disease of Liberalism.
America, the choice is yours. May saner minds prevail.



  1. Actually, the rainbow is nothing other than the effects of refraction of light through water droplets. Any decent optics textbook will explain it. It’s physics, not magic.

      • Your intolerance of people based on their sexual orientation is what’s despicable. You’re seeing it more because heterosexuals are more supportive of homosexuals. You lost that fight. Civil Society is made up of all sorts of people. Sociopaths, such as yourself, can’t handle living among people who aren’t like themselves. Diversity SCARES you.

        • Yet ‘diversity’ is forced upon people who don’t want it. What gives you the right to decide for everyone else? I don’t care if gays get married or not. What I care about, is people using the power of government, to force someone else, to accept something they think is wrong. Where is their ‘freedom’?

          • Why would I care about that? You use nothing but straw man arguments and insults. You avoid the question, why is it ok for you to use the violence of government to force people to bend to your will? If someone doesn’t want to bake a cake for your wedding, go some where else or protest out front. So, nobody has the right to offend you, but you reserve the right to offend other people weather they like it or not.

          • You’re too ignorant to realize that the same arguments were made to discriminate against interracial couples in their marriage attempts. That’s not an insult. It’s a statement of fact that your ego cannot handle.
            If you don’t want to treat gays as equals, then don’t open a public business.

          • Once again, a straw man argument….with a sprinkle of ad hominem attack….You have nothing else, maybe call me fat next? Then you finish with yet another straw man argument….wow…does C flat ever get boring for you? You still avoid the question of why you are allowed to use the violence of government to force other people to bend to your will? Do none of you communists own a mirror?

          • It is not a straw man argument at all. You clearly don’t understand what a straw man argument even is. If you want to have a public business, you have to open it to the public — not just the segment of the population you decide is worthy of your business. If you don’t like that, tough luck. Those are the rules. And they have been the rules for quite a long time. They fall under the interstate commerce clause in the Constitution.

          • You said I spoke out against interracial marriage 4 posts up…..I never said that….You put words into my mouth so you could more easily attack me, and my character…That actually ‘is’ a straw man argument…..Interstate commerce clause???? When were state lines crossed? You are really bad at being a shill.

          • I am not a shill. I said that the SAME ARGUMENT used today against homosexuals was used against interracial couples in the past. And those arguments were found lacking. And it was enforced at the federal level through the interstate commerce clause. The thinking is simple enough for even you to understand. People have a right to travel from state to state and be treated the same in terms of commerce. Gay people have a right to visit all of the 50 states and be treated as proper customers. If you can’t handle that, then don’t open up a shop. Pretty simple.

          • …but “I” didn’t use the “same argument”….You did and then tried to apply it to me….when I didn’t use it….That “is” a straw man argument. You still avoid the question of, why are ‘you’ allowed to use the violence
            of government to force other people to bend to your will? Nothing about this issue was ‘enforced’ through the ‘interstate commerce clause’….you just make up stuff to fit your narrow little world view.

          • Why are you not allowed to discriminate against black people? Or interracial couples? Or Jews, for that matter? You don’t like the answer, historically speaking. Tough titty.

          • I actually have half my degree in philosophy. And I have had more logic
            classes than you, I would bet — each of increasing difficulty. You CLEARLY do not know what a straw man fallacy is.
            ”The straw man fallacy occurs in the following pattern of argument:
            Person 1 asserts proposition X.
            Person 2 argues against a false but superficially similar proposition Y, as if an argument against Y were an argument against X.”
            Do you not see that phrase ‘superficially similar’? I assure you, the arguments used against gay marriage are more than just ‘superficially’ similar to those used against interracial marriage.

  2. It happened 150 years too late. I guess losers still can’t get over the fact they lost that war oh and generally declaring war on the US would make one a traitor to the US.

    • You are in bad need of an education. The South fought for sovereignty and our “losing” only perpetuated the condition the entire nation is in right now. The federal government has taken over just about everything.

      • I am from the South. Lived here my entire 65 years. You are an idiot. The south fought to secede. Nowhere in he Constitution is there a right of state to secede. The south violated the Constitution when it did.
        Before we had this country governed by our Constitution, we had it governed by the Articles of Confederation. That form of weak central government failed. If the South didn’t want to become part of the US under the Constitution we enacted in 1789, it should have refused to join the union. Compromises on slavery were made in the Constitution so the South would join. Those compromises proved to be a disaster from the get -go. And it was slavery, pure and simple that was the issue of a divided union. The other issues were total BS.
        This sovereignty issue was never the issue that caused the civil war. All you have to do is look at the state Declarations of secession. They spell out the issue was slavery in pretty much every state.
        Like it or not, we are pretty much stuck with a strong central government. That is what the Constitution called for.

          • Let’s see. Lived in Memphis, Tn. from 1950 -1955. Lived in Galveston, Texas from 1955-1968. Went to St. Andrews Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, NC from 1968 to 1972. Went to graduate school at the University of Florida in Gainesville from 1972 -1974. Went to law school at South Texas College of Law in Houston from 1975 to 1977. Became a member of the Texas Bar in 1977. Practiced law in the Houston area till 1996. Moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1996 where I still live to this day. Been a member of the Tennessee bar since 1996. Kept my Texas law license active the entire time I practiced law in Tennessee.
            Let’s hear your Southern bona fides. If you have some law experience, and have lived in the south, let’s hear it.

          • No right to succeed eh? So we should rejoin England then? I’m pretty sure we had no right to do that under British Law. Odd how Gen. Lee freed his slaves early in the war when winning, but Gen. Grant kept his until the 13th amendment forced him to free them. His reasons why were, “Good help is hard to find” and “if I had known the war would have freed the slaves I would have resigned my commission” So the generals fighting didn’t think it was about slavery, but you do, good little ignorant mind slave. How about Otto Von Bismark comments or Tsar Alexander II actions? I trust the word of those guys in the know more than your twisted ‘approved’ version that comes from the actions of Rothschid agent provocateurs. You define American mind slave. lol, just read your other comment…that explains it all, you are a traitor BAR member, so what right does the BAR have to replace the constitution in the courts with the U.C.C.? Cite in the constitution where a ‘private union’ has the right to do that? Traitor for your 30 pieces of silver.

          • I said no right to secede under the Constitution. Any locale anywhere on earth can attempt to secede from the country it is part of. It doesn’t make it right under the prevailing law of the land unless the law pf the land says the locale has the right. If the Constitution of the US had said any state can secede from the United States any time it wants, do you think there would have been a civil war?
            Did you read the Declaration of Secession of Mississippi? This declaration is just vile. It talks over and over about the right of Mississippi to have slaves, bemoans the fact that many new territories were not permitted to have slavery, bemoans the fact that there is a fugitive slave law that does not require the return of slaves who have escaped their owners, and bemoans the fact that 4 Billion dollars worth of property (slaves) will be lost by their owners if slavery is abolished. This is the true history of the Confederacy. Own it. This is what the confederate flag really represents.
            As for the rest of your drivel, it is so nonsensical that I can’t understand the point other than you don’t like lawyers like me who chew you out for your nonsense.

          • lol!…..So you fail and refuse to answer the one and only question that matters! What right or authority under the constitution you quote so often, does a PRIVATE UNION the BAR (British Accreditation Regency) have, to REPLACE the constitution with International Contract Law???? The U.C.C. in our courts instead of the constitution like the ‘constitution’ outlines??? You avoid that like it’s the Black Plague! You BAR lawyers(esquire) and judges(magistrate) are nothing more than traitors to every AMERICAN you have ever laid eyes on. “Drivel….Something that makes lawyers look bad. Also known as the truth”

          • I didn’t answer the question because it makes no sense and still doesn’t.
            You are so damn confused about the BAR and the UCC that you have no idea how to ask a comprehensible question. The BARs in each state of the United States don’t pass any laws. The bars of the states have never enacted the UCC. The UCC is enacted by the legislatures and all legislatures of all states have passed a version of it. Many states have modified the UCC on some provisions so it is not as uniform as the title would suggest.
            I have never heard the term BAR as meaning anything like British Accreditation Regency. It may mean that in England but it does not mean that here. Never heard that term used ever.
            The origin of the word BAR as far as I have always been told, refers to a bar in the courtroom (which is usually a low wall and sometimes it has a metal railing on top of it) which separates the public space from the area where the judges sit and the lawyers and their clients sit and where the witness sits.
            And the term passing the bar meant you as a lawyer were permitted to be in this space of the courtroom.
            Now that you know what these terms mean, do you have another question?

  3. I haven’t seen the rainbow flag flying at any government building. Some people don’t understand the Constitution at all but think they know everything about it.

      • For a day. I seriously doubt 95% of the population was insulted since a majority of Americans approve of the SC decision.

          • Never watch TV. Do your own damn poll if you don’t think the majority approved of the SC decision. Get back to me then.

          • You do realize most of the ‘polls’ are made up in the office, don’t you know that? The ‘newspapers’ (since you don’t watch TV) are owned by the same liars….So I assume you did your own poll since you are such a free thinker?

          • I read a lot. No need to watch TV. And yes I know about the problems with polls. HarpDiem started this with his comment that 95% of the people were insulted. Where did he get that idea? He pulled it out of his ass. That’s where.
            Now I just googled gay marriage and poll and this came up with several polls. No need to watch TV. Just google.
            Even Wikipedia agrees:
            Now you may think these polls are ridiculous or be highly suspicious of the sources, but they support what I said: a majority of the people support gay marriage. And the poll could be ridiculously wrong and still prove that HarpDiem pulled the 95% number out of his ass.

          • And I bet you live away from the city, and don’t like to live in densely populated areas. In fact, I think you’re probably the sort who would prefer living in an all-white village out in the middle of no-where. And you have this delusional belief that a majority of citizens in the country still hold that antiquated irrational hatred for people based on their sexual orientations.
            Grow up.

          • Nope, I see more Mexicans(yes they prefer it over hispanic) than white people every day, in the city. I could care less if gays got married. You should care less if someone has a confederate flag.
            Grow up and stop trying to control other people.

          • The phrase you’re looking for is “couldn’t care less” — you’d realize that if you had any appreciation for double negation. Nobody is trying to control you. You just no longer have the numbers to impose your rigid gender roles onto others via the state. And to you, that FEELS like it’s being imposed, but it’s not. It’s you losing political power to impose your rigid gender roles upon others.

      • This is your problem. And it shows in the author’s POV as well. You seem to conveniently forget that gays have heterosexual friends and family that are entirely supportive. You’re terribly outnumbered, and you’re hiding behind that 5% as though it is a measure of what you’re up against. You’re up against FAR FAR more than 5%, fool.

  4. Rainbow flag is Jewish Zionists silly take on the colorful clothing there Gays where, like Gay Pride and all the other BS Politics.
    Breaking the Union under God.
    Fall of Rome(Homosexuality)

    • It’s funny how aural oriented ill-read people mix up their homonyms/homophones.
      Rome didn’t fall because of homosexuality, you moron. It fell because of people like you — the barbarians — took over, banned gay marriage, and used the marriage records to hunt down and murder those who had been so married.

  5. Listen, the confederate flag you are talking about was NOT even the official flag of the confederate and that flag was used in the civil rights moment, so seriously it is a racist flag? delusional at best!

  6. “[the rainbow flag] … it’s stolen from God and the Bible and that’s plagiarism which is illegal so it’s not just offensive it’s also a crime. Why is no one being prosecuted for this obvious theft of intellectual property?”
    How do you expect people to take you seriously when you make statements like this? A monumentally stupefying claim …

  7. What a completely imbecilic article. There is no comparison.
    And the author demonizes gays — making it seem that it is only gays who are supportive of gays. The day a gay man forces you to fly a gay pride flag, he might have an argument. Until then, it’s just asinine. But that’s what you have supporting that confederate flag — a bunch of puerile boorish buffoons who prefer the ‘country’ because they’re inherently sociopaths.

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