Obama was *fined* $375k for hiding donor names, misreporting dates, over legal $$ limit. Trump pays $2 million for…fundraising to veterans for PR.

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by AmpleDesserts

So let’s get this straight:


  • Hid donor names
  • Kept $1.3 million in contributions that were above the legal maximum
  • Misreported the dates of $85 million in other contributions.
  • Missed mandatory notice for nearly 1,300 contributions

=$375,0000 fine by the FEC

(Almost half of that was paid by the DNC btw)


  • Used his campaign foundation, originally created as a charity foundation from sales from Art of the Deal, to handle a veterans charity – one where he earned ZERO dollars and donated everything 100% to the charity
  • He used this charity ostensibly for the purpose of …

(wait for it)

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getting good PR

=$2,000,000 STIPULATION

Sounds reasonable.



Obama 1

Obama 2

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