Obamacare Being Used As A Means To Register Illegals To Vote

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This whole video is informative but for the part specific to the thread title it starts at about 1:40 seconds
Obamacare just this last year registered 12.7 million people. When the voter registration portion of the Obamacare app is completed – they can fill in whatever they want and do not have to prove citizenship. They aren’t asked. Hence, it sets them up to be able to vote and nobody is checking it.
So not only are illegals mooching free healthcare from taxpayers – but they are also using this to register illegals to vote.

This is allowing illegals to register with no oversight and also encouraging those not registered to vote, to vregister democrat
It’s the right’s worst nightmare: Obamacare working to boost not just the number of Americans who have affordable health insurance—but also the number who are registered to vote. And it could be coming true.
Take it from Rush Limbaugh.
“What do you really think is going on?” the conservative radio host asked his listeners while discussing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) last October. “Voter registration. In addition to you going to get your health care, there is obviously massive Democrat voter registration going on at these exchanges.”
Limbaugh isn’t entirely wrong.
Under the terms of an agreement announced this week between California and an alliance of good government groups, the state will mail voter registration forms to 4 million people who applied for Obamacare via California’s online exchange. The deal could end up creating 400,000 new registered Golden State voters—the actual numbers will be available later this year.
Nationwide, Obamacare could ultimately be responsible for registering anywhere from 3 to 7 million voters—potentially over 10% of the total number of eligible voters who aren’t registered today—over the next eight years.
“We think it’s a huge opportunity to reach people,” Sarah Brannon of Project Vote, which worked on the California settlement, said of the health care law.

I wonder….now it is said Clinton won the popular vote by about 3 million (cough cough) and here we have about that number of illegals officially (probably millions more unofficially) being allowed on Obamacare in CA and therefore when they signed up also filled out voter registration app apparently as the earlier video posted says from True the Vote. Interesting coincidence in numbers?
California Senate Votes To Open Up Obamacare To 2.5 Million Illegal Residents
State Senator Richard Lara has already moved a bill through the California State Senate that would allow illegal immigrants to buy unsubsidized health insurance in the state’s Obamacare exchange. The state would have to receive a federal waiver from the Obama administration before implementing it.
The bill would also extend coverage to illegal residents under the age of 19 to enroll in California’s fully paid-for Medicaid program.
The Pew Research Center has estimated that there are 2.5 million illegal immigrants in California.
“….In Oregon this week, officials confessed that nearly 4,000 illegal immigrants had been “accidentally” steered from the state’s low-income Medicaid program and instead were enrolled in Obamacare in violation of the law. Oopsie. The Oregonian newspaper’s Nick Budnick reported that the health bureaucrats “discovered the problem several weeks ago and are correcting it.” Get in line. The beleaguered Cover Oregon health insurance exchange has been riddled with ongoing problems, errors, and glitches since last October that have yet to be fixed. Take note: This wasn’t a one-time computer meltdown. Because Oregon’s health insurance exchange website has been offline and its software architects under investigation for possible fraud, the Oregon Obamacare drones have been processing each and every application manually. That means nearly 4,000 illegal-alien applications with “inaccurate” data somehow passed through government hands and somehow ended up getting routed through as new enrollees with Obamacare-approved full-service health care. How many Obamacare services did these nearly 4,000 illegal aliens avail themselves of, and at what cost?
Read more at:
As always, California Democrats are at the forefront of busting open Obamacare for the illegal-alien population. Earlier this month, Democratic state senator Ricardo Lara introduced a bill to extend health benefits and a special online marketplace to 1 million illegals under an Obamacare-style program subsidized by state taxpayer dollars. In case you forgot, President Obama had already paved the path for illegal-alien Obamacare when he signed the massive expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) in 2009.
Documents to verify U.S. citizenship
U.S. passport
Certificate of Naturalization (N-550/N-570)
Certificate of Citizenship (N-560/N-561)
State-issued enhanced driver’s license (available in Michigan, New York, Vermont, and Washington)
Document from federally recognized Indian tribe that includes your name and the name of the federally recognized Indian tribe that issued the document, and shows your membership, enrollment, or affiliation with the tribe. Documents you can provide include:
A Tribal enrollment card
A Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood
A Tribal census document
Documents on Tribal letterhead signed by a Tribal official

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7 thoughts on “Obamacare Being Used As A Means To Register Illegals To Vote

  1. How Gruber’s “genius” and Congress greatest error was to pass Obamacare passed. I guess it could not legally be called FRAUD if it were “legal” under the ACA…But since when does Health insurance have anything to do with ELECTION REGISTRATION? No wonder the media is making so much noise about it, they are trying to hid the obvious in plain sight by MISDIRECTION.
    This is tacit PROOF that Obama was engaged in getting countrywide election fraud “legalized” and emplaced. WHOOPS too bad

  2. The DIY “interview” (speech) above is billed as impromptu. It is clearly not and reeks of demagoguery, in that it is clearly designed to appeal to and trigger emotions of outrage and disgust. This makes me wary, uncomfortable, and suspicious. Why the phony setup? Impromptu, my A$$! What do they take us for? Idiotic bigots? And why the inflammatory, fake sincerity? I agree with their stance on principle and would normally support it, but why do they have stoop to such gross, manipulative tactics? I sense a false dialectic here–an insidious form of mind control, and it makes me wonder what these people are really after. What do they really want?

    • You apparently have never been so well-versed on any topic that you could give a good overview of it off the top of your head. Lots of people can do this. This woman has been very actively immersed in this subject for years, so I’m not at all surprised that she can do it.

      • But characterizing what is clearly a speech as a “DIY Interview”? C’mon, Tom. As you surmise, Catherine clearly knows her subject and may have been speaking out on it for years. That, by definition, makes it anything BUT impromptu, i. e., done on the spur of the moment without any foreknowledge or preparation. Her “interview” [sic] is more like a salesman’s pitch, a spiel–a product of many years of preparation, practice, and refinement. So why advertise it as something it clearly is not? This is the kind of misuse of language the likes of Eric Blair and others have warned us about, and should be a matter of concern, IMO, for those who value honesty and truth.

        • Is that the best you can do? Why do you have a compulsion to accuse this woman of lying when the only evidence you have is something you made up in your own mind, i.e. her talk is rehearsed, rather than it’s just her doing a brain-dump while the cameras were handy after an interview on a subject she’s been publicly speaking about for years? Would you feel the same if say, Madonna, or even Hillery spoke well to a camera and claimed it was spontaneous, or do you only accuse people you don’t like of fibbing about the origins of their thoughts?

          • Yes, Tom, that is the best I can do. I don’t know why, but I feel “compelled”, as you say, to accuse this woman of reading a carefully prepared script, of rehearsing it repeatedly, with her little mannerisms, subtle gestures, intonations, articulations, etc., down to the proverbial “T”, along with the totally unnecessary test screen and the crews silly little moans and off-screen antics, all orchestrated, affected, and contrived. And all I’m saying is, if the message is so compelling and cogent, which it is, why stoop to such fakery and artifice? It is anything but ingenuous; it is a form of pandering and manipulative. Something that distinguishes demagogues from the truly sincere and righteous.

  3. Compare this easy route to things like driver’s licenses, Obamacare, and voter registration for illegal aliens to my experience getting my driver’s license *renewed*. Even though I’m a US citizen by birth, have lived in this state for 25 years, have been at the same address for 17 years, had been registered to vote all of those years, had renewed my license several times over those years, I still had to go home and get my passport and birth certificate to prove who I was! There is obviously a policy of “give the illegals a pass” while they “screw with the natives as much as possible”.

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