Obama’s Advisor Valerie Jarrett Must Explain Her Clinton Foundation Cover-Ups

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Roseanne Barr’s racially charged Twitter attack on Valerie Jarrett should not immunize former President Barack Obama’s closest confidante from having to explain why she helped cover up and therefore enabled the biggest charity fraud ever, the Clinton Foundation. The process begins with asking why did Jarrett and Obama push former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination? By July 10, 2015, Hillary Clinton would have been an unelectable candidate had the full truth then been known. On that day, we have since learned, the FBI opened a full-scale investigation into whether Clinton and her innermost circle of trusted aides mishandled classified information while and after she served as the chief U.S. diplomat. Thousands of pages of FBI and other files concerning this investigation are found here (see especially Part 1 of 21).

A bungler who transacted 100 percent of State Department business over unsecured private servers, using unreliable electronic devices, and who was under robust investigation by the FBI hardly seems the strongest candidate to take on any nominee selected by the Republican Party, let alone an unconventional, wealthy disruptor named Donald J. Trump.

So why did top officials in the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) and others in the Obama Administration — likely including the 44th president himself — cover up the true extent of defects in Clinton’s record while and after she was secretary of state? The answer seems obvious and simple. Clinton, if elected, was certain to destroy or bury all evidence in long-running and wide-ranging activities involving public corruption and frauds arranged through main and satellite “charities” connected to the Clinton family, whose origin dates to Oct. 23, 1997, when Bill Clinton was 42nd president of the United States.

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Evidence that Clinton might have :

What do any Americans really know about their elected politicians and the advisors they keep by their sides? Not much! What do some people have to say about Obama’s top advisor when he was president:

Malzberg | Judicial Watch: DHS Head Johnson And Valerie Jarrett Have Deep Communist Ties

Tom Fitton – President of Judicial Watch, author of NY Times Best-Seller “The Corruption Chronicles,” and executive producer of the documentary “District of Corruption” joins Steve on their report on history of communists in the history of high ranking Obama officials.

Valerie Jarrett Was Slum Lord in Obama’s State Senate District

The same goes for Valerie Jarrett, the slum lord extraordinaire in then-Senator Obama’s district. While championing “social justice” with Obama, and living in the lap of luxury on the taxpayers’ dime, the conditions at Chicago’s Grove Parc Plaza, the government subsidized housing managed by Jarrett’s Habitat Co. (she was the CEO from 2001-2008), were appalling: rampant mice, roaches, broken windows. Looking at the conditions, listening to the tenants talk to reporters in 2008, makes one cringe. But more so makes one wonder if the mainstream media can go fifty years into the past to dig up some non-existent Romney bullying incident, why couldn’t they have driven a few miles from Senator Obama’s campaign headquarters to see the abhorrent conditions at Grove Parc Plaza? Of course we know it was because the mainstream media protected Obama then, and protects him to this day. Slum lords that foist these types of conditions on their tenants generally go to jail. But apparently in the United States, they become chief advisors to the President.

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Valerie Jarrett moves in with Obama’s

The home of the conspirators who have shown Americans by their actions and lies what is really important. Keeping the truth hidden from the American people to the point they would conpire together to bring up some old news about the sitting president. Donald Trump wasn’t expected to win and the Hillary Clinton released emails have shown that for some reason it was a done deal. The missing trillions from the Pentagon under the Obama administration, where has it gone? The $30 billion in gold, the biggest recorded heist in U.S. history from under building #7 during 9/11…why isn’t anyone looking for it? Hillary was supposed to win, but your Creator didn’t let her in!

If you still can’t wrap your head around divine intervention and that there really is a “God” above satan, then its time to wake up!


Trump Win Is Divine Intervention We Thank God Thank You Jesus!


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