Oberlin College Trying To Delay Settlement Payment To Bakery Until After Bakery Owner Dies

The bakery-owning family that won a $32.5 million defamation suit against Oberlin College is accusing the famously left-wing school of trying to string the case along until an owner dies of cancer.

In a video posted Tuesday to Facebook, Dave Gibson said he had been diagnosed “late last year” with pancreatic cancer, a fact he said Oberlin has known since February.

However in June, Oberlin College President Carmen Twillie Ambar sent an email telling ‘the Oberlin Community” that the school will not immediately pay the judgment and seeks to lengthen the legal process.

“Let me be absolutely clear: This is not the final outcome. This is, in fact, just one step along the way of what may turn out to be a lengthy and complex legal process,” she said.

In Tuesday’s video, Mr. Gibson said the promise of a lengthy court fight came as a warning to family members who may not be around for much longer.

“Recent public statements from Oberlin College make it clear that the college is refusing to accept the jury’s decision. The college has stated that the verdict is just the beginning of a long legal process. I believe they’re sending a clear message to me and to my 91-year-old dad that they will just wait us out,” he said.

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