Sweden EXTENDS halt of Moderna’s vaccine for those under 30! This is major! Finland, Norway, Denmark all join!

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Sweden’s Public Health Agency on Wednesday recommended a temporary halt to the use of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine among young adults, citing concerns over rare side effects to the heart. It said the pause should initially be in force until December 1, explaining that it had received evidence of an increased risk of side effects such as inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis) and inflammation of the pericardium (pericarditis).


Swedish health officials are extending the pause of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine in young people over continued concerns that the shot causes rare heart inflammation cases.

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The pause was initially supposed to last until December 1, but will now last beyond that to a date that is yet to be announced.

Sweden is one of four Nordic nations that restricted the use of the jab in young people this month, with a fifth, Norway, also discouraging younger males from getting the Moderna shot.



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