Odd Correlation Betweeen JPY And SPY

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by Chris

Not sure what to make of this one, besides – crikey! – world markets sure do seem to be one, gigantic, interlocked beast.

This shows yesterday’s (Friday 10-12-18) “”market”” action and the amazing correlation between the price of Yen in USD and the SPY (ETF that tracks the S&P 500).

When I write of “out of parameter” breakdowns that might happen, above we see that “within parameters” for some set of trading algorithms is that the USD/JPY tracks the S&P 500.

“Out of parameter” might see that correlation break down.  Then what would these tracking programs do?  Probably shut down, is what.  What effect would that have?

Beats me.  I have no idea how big these programs are, but they are apparently large enough to move a major currency cross-pair in lockstep with a US index.  Either that or the BoJ is up to something I can’t quite figure out.


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