OH SNAP! CNN Reporter Who Called The Taliban ‘Seemingly Friendly’ Finds Out Just How Friendly The Hard Way

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She cowered like a…

How much $$$$ is CNN pumping into funding the Taliban for protection, translators etc?


Taliban fighters accost CNN reporter and crew

The Lead
CNN’s Clarissa Ward reports on the hurdles Americans and Afghans are facing trying to get to Kabul’s airport as Taliban fighters attempt to block access with gunfire and violence. This video has been updated to correct an editing issue.
Source: CNN

‘Stand to the side’: Taliban order female CNN reporter to get out of their way

CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward has close call with Taliban outside Kabul airport
By Emily Crane
August 18, 2021

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Amid ‘chilling reports’ of abuses by the Taliban, Clarissa Ward ordered to ‘step aside’
Bevan Hurley
New York
3 days ago

CNN releases footage of Taliban threatening Clarissa Ward crew with ‘pistol whip’

CNN reporter describes the situation on the ground in Kabul as ‘very dicey’


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