OHIO Annual Energy Rate Increases – Dayton .04kWh to .10kWh

(Ohio utilities can only change rates every June)

AES in Dayton Ohio is jumping from .04 to .10 per kWh (DO the math!) THEY ARE GONNA FLIP!!!

We are only going from .11 to .13 per kWh so WHEW! Only another $20 per average household (or $30 for us personally)!!!

Gas rates aren’t out quite yet but word is we’re ALL looking at a 50% increase (Thank GOD I don’t heat with the propane!)

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Dayton’s gonna burn when they get their new bill & the paycheck to paycheck folks can’t figure it.



“Those who use AES Ohio for their electric supplier will see the most dramatic change. The utility’s rate will increase by 6 cents per kilowatt-hour, according to the Dayton Daily News, doubling the amount people pay each month.”



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