Ohio Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown Accused of Sexual Harassment – Media Is Totally Silent!

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In case you had any doubts about the leftist media…one more example.

” The mainstream media is unsurprisingly silent on recent allegations of abuse levied against Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Congressional Democrats are going to have to take a break from providing cover only for Keith Ellison to now bury any potential blemish to another of their own after they spent weeks fueling the Kavanaugh circus.

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Much like those levied against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Brown is facing allegations from the 1980s.”



According to the standard set by leftists during the Kavanaugh hearing, Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown is accused of violently assaulting a woman back in the 80s. The accuser, who is a professional and very credible, describes a violent attack that frightened her with an “unexpected, uninvited, unwanted, and sudden advance, roughly pushing her up against a wall.”

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And apparently there are witnesses that will testify she told them of the violent attack the very next day and that THEY were the ones that wanted to have the attack reported.

The leftist bar has been set. Sherrod Brown must go!


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