Oil FALLS To $50! Down 30% in 7 Weeks! Stocks FALL Again as Tech Shares Drop!

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Economic weakness is spreading from one asset to another. Finger pointing has begun and it’s going to become more heated as things get worse. Housing is being built at a record pace even though inventory is building up. Funds are watching their tech heavy portfolios see money fleeing in search of safety over growth potential. Oil is dropping and it doesn’t seem to slow down at all. This should make for an interesting remainder of 2018.

Do you think it’s coincidental that the year of QT happens to coincide with the year stocks have gone down? Or is central bank Quantitative Easing and the stock market completely correlated?

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Dow falls more than 150 points, posts worst Thanksgiving week decline since 2011


Markets: Indexes, Bonds, Forex, Key Commodities, ETFs


Oil plunges about 8 percent to lowest level in more than a year



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