Oklahoma House passes ‘Constitutional Carry’ gun bill (No Permit Needed!)

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As a resident of Oklahoma I have to say that I fully support this bill!

The process to attain a permit at the moment is a tad silly. I suspect that it is more about the money made than being sure that those carrying are qualified. There is very little on gun safety during class or range testing which is what most new shooters really needed. There is some information on legalities but most should be common sense. What’s more, none of the steps in the process would have weeded out a potential criminal who did not have previous convictions on a variety of crimes, a background check at the time of firearm purchase is far more inclusive. It’s time that bills of this nature are passed nationwide to allow law abiding, responsible citizens to defend themselves and loved ones from those that would do harm!

Senate Bill 1212 would allow anyone who owns a gun to carry it without a permit.

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“We ought to be able to carry any gun whether we are licensed or not.’ Doesn’t the Supreme Court contradict that ’cause it’s not actually a right?” said Rep. Collin Walke.

Supporters say better efforts are need to screen potential gun buyers, but that shouldn’t punish current gun owners.

“Would it surprise you that the majority that have committed heinous crimes either have mental health conditions or the background checks have not been followed up? We’re failing on that end. We need to concentrate on that end and not hinder our law-abiding citizens,” said Rep. Justin Humphreys.


“It will allow people in Oklahoma to have a gun to protect themselves without putting themselves in jeopardy and without going through the entire permit process and paying close to $300,” Mike said.


I think that this quote here explains why some don’t want this bill and it has nothing to do with the safety of citizens.

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“The Oklahoma State Bureau of investigation gets a great deal of money from the permitting process,” Coody replied, “So they simply are concerned about revenue over the freedom of law abiding citizens.”


Here is the bill itself for those interested.


Here’s the link.



“Other critics say constitutional carry would put law enforcement at risk, but the bill’s author says that shouldn’t be put above a citizen’s right.”

“I do not support the rights of law enforcement to feel not threatened or safe to the detriment of my own constitutional rights,” said Rep. Jeff Coody, the bill’s author.


What is interesting is that most law enforcement seem to support the measure. Cops around here understand that more firearms legally in the hands of upright citizens means less bodies of innocent people end up in the morgue.

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