Oklahoma presents bill HB 1236 to limit EO if deemed unconstitutional in the state

The Oklahoma House of Representatives on Thursday approved legislation that would limit the power of President Joe Biden’s executive orders in the state.

HB 1236 would allow the state Legislature to review each executive order to determine whether the Oklahoma attorney general should decide if it is constitutional.

If the attorney general decides not to take action on the order, the Legislature could declare it unconstitutional with a majority vote.

The bill outlines what categories of orders lawmakers would review, including pandemics and other health emergencies, oil and natural gas regulations, agriculture regulations, land use and education issues.

“Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the state, county, political subdivision or any other publicly funded organization shall not implement any action that restricts a person’s rights or that the Office of the Attorney General or the Legislature by a majority vote determines to be unconstitutional,” the bill states.



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