Omnicon variant is AT LEAST 2.4x more likely to infect those who have previously gotten covid!

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  • South Africa recorded 1,535 new Covid cases in the last 24 hours, a jump of 368 per cent on last Thursday
  • Some 51,402 people in the country took a Covid test and 22.4 per cent of them tested positive for the virus
  • Meanwhile, Covid hospital admissions nearly tripled in a week, but deaths have fallen 64 per cent 
  • A South African health official said it ‘there is a predominance of Omicron throughout the country’ 
  • Experts are ‘worried’ Omicron reinfections, which are higher than those during Beta and Delta-fuelled waves
  • But virus may be no more transmissible than Delta and illness it causes is thought to be ‘less severe’   
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