On 28 november 2020, in more than 15 big cities in the Netherlands, the mysterious “Guerilla Mask Force” organised a highly stylized anti-Orwellian flashmob protest

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Flash mobs performance acts took place in more than 15 major cities in the Netherlands on Saturday 28 November 2020.

Completely white-clad participants walked synchronously, accompanied by a mechanical-sounding female voice and penetrating music, through the cities with the aim of making it clear that our future will take dramatic forms if we follow current (corona) policies and measures imposed on / keep swallowing forcibly.

The action has blown over from Bern, where the Guerrilla Mask Force first delivered its – quite ominous – message:

  • only loneliness is safe;
  • betray your environment;
  • deprive vaccination opponents of their rights;
  • always be obedient;
  • true freedom takes place in isolation;
  • body contact causes distress;
  • our breath is deadly;
  • sacrifice everything for hygiene;
  • avoid closeness forever;
  • renounce procreation,



I honestly don’t know what to think of these people to be honest;

I can’t help being suspicious when a protest group emerges seemingly out of nowhere, well-organized, well-funded and across multiple countries (this started in Switzerland & Germany).

That’s not how real grassroots movement start. That’s how astroturf movements start.

This begs the question : who’s funding this… and why?!



h/t  johnslegers


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