On-going Canadian Crypto Exchange scandal — #1 Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX shuts down amid sole director’s sudden “death” in India, losing $150-250m in funds — lots of twists and turns, things aren’t adding up.

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by RDS

QuadrigaCX was the #1 canadian crypto exchange, had over 100,000 active accounts and has lost approx $150-$250M dollars of creditor’s funds (~$70M fiat and $150M crypto).

For more information, see here:


CBC coverage:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RO9-DcCP0c&feature=youtu.be (thousands of clients is wrong, too low)

Affidavid from his widow Jen Robertson:


Summary of relief filing:


Quadriga claims the founder was the only one who had access to the ‘cold storage reserves’ but current ongoing research shows that crypto funds (ETH and LTC) might be moving and being drained.

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Chain analysis research:


Apparently Cotten was in India building an orphanage, but it has since come out that the organization he sponsored builds the orphanage locally.


Strangely, Cotten also created a will two weeks before his death in which he left $100k for the care of his two dogs, but no way to retrieve the ‘cold storage funds’

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Speculation is that he is still alive.

Also interesting is the connection with former co-founder Michael Patryn aka Omar Patryn aka Omar Dhanani and his history as a convicted fraudster, and concerns of whether he is still involved.

more info:


more info:



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