On the Covid-Xe Variant Bullshit

by Chris Black

This is what happens when you throw billions of dollars at scientists that have no business even studying the mating habits of ants. They have no clue what they are looking at, and just start spouting whatever BS they can come up with in order to get more cash thrown their way.

Two subvariants breeding together to create a new variant? The particles aren’t breeds of dogs.

They are not alive and do not contain DNA that can combine and replicate.

There isn’t even evidence the damn thing exists in the first place. These supposed scientists fail at the most basic concepts of biology.

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What is going on in Covid research is the equivalent of having a room full of third grade students take apart a Mercedes and put it back together again. Even some of the smartest scientists alive in particle physics say that everything they claim is just a theory, and they might be wrong about everything.

I know one researcher who said his lab got samples of Covid from saliva, mucus, and feces. I asked how he knew the samples have Covid. He said, “Because they said they do.”

So he didn’t actually know that what he was looking at was infected. But it has to be, because someone else said so, even though you can’t see the supposed pathogen until you isolate it from the sample and look at it with an electron microscope. The only proof of the supposed pathogen is a test that cannot be used to prove there is a pathogen.

If the hundreds of billions for studying Covid dried up tomorrow, and no more money was thrown at these imbeciles, Covid would disappear in a day and there would never be another variant found.

Because, there would be no more incentive to fake research and push daily BS on the world.


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