Once the narrative is established, it’s difficult to dislodge. And progressive Hollywood is the Terminator of establishing narratives — they never quit.

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CHRISTIAN TOTO: Why Hollywood Can’t Quit The Mueller Report.

It’s also worth pointing out that many of Saddam Hussien’s generals were convinced that his regime was holding weapons of mass destruction. Of course, he had an active weapons program, and used them on his own people as well as the Iranian military. But that program ended in the 1990s. Afterward, Saddam relied on a policyof “deterrence by doubt” that was crafted to keep international foes and Iraqis alike guessing.

That’s not the cry that came from the Left and Hollywood, though. Their line of attack? Bush lied, people died. So the film’s screenwriters tinkered with reality, big time, to give liberals the ending they craved. It was all Bush’s fault.

Something similar is happening right now regarding The Mueller Report.


MARK DICE: Hollywood’s New Obsession


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