Once you understand it, you’ll see it: US foreign aid to Ukraine from the Dept. of Energy increased from 8M in 2008 to an average of 90M PER YEAR between 2011 and 2014; in the same time Biden Jr., the Clintons, Schiff via buddy Pasternak and possibly Pelosi Jr. received a lot of cash from Ukraine…

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by BlueSaltMiner


The total aid to Ukraine topped 516M in 2016. and will be reduced to 131M this yearexplorer.usaid.gov/cd/UKR?fiscal_year=2011&measure=Obligations

Rudy: CNN&NYT keep falsely reporting that Bidens’ alleged crimes are unfounded even though there is an identified witness who has submitted a sworn affidavit saying Biden bribed Ukrainian Pres. Meanwhile, they are cheering on an impeachment based on Schiff orcestratred secret sources.

Eric Trump rips Widow Hunter: Biden “didn’t know anything about the industry he was in, he didn’t have any discernible duties, and he’s getting paid $50,000 a month? And then he gets a billion five from China? …the entire media turns a blind eye.” 

Hannity is a Monster! He calls for release of every Biden-Ukraine phone call transcript… Wouldn’t those be interesting?




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