One Chick-Fil-A raising base pay to $18/hr in Sacramento

via msn:

The owner of a Chick-fil-A in Sacramento, Calif., is giving his employees a wage increase.

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Starting Monday, people currently employed as “hospitality professionals” at the franchise owned by Eric Mason will see wages jump as much as $5 per hour, from $12.50-$13 to $17-$18. In addition, he is giving supervisors paid time off and all employees paid sick leave.

Mason told a local television station that he was raising wages to attract people looking for long-term opportunities and people with families. Chick-fil-A is known for conservative and traditional values such as closing on Sundays across all locations. Those values have landed the restaurant chain in hot water before: in 2012, then-CEO Dan Cathy said Chick-fil-A supported the “biblical definition of the family unit” and that marriage equality was “inviting God’s judgement,” leading to protests and a national boycott.


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