One of the Greatest Transfers of Wealth of History is happening right in front of your Eyes

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by Archilles__

Hey guys, I’m sorry that this is just another negative post but I am just mad about what is going on right now.

Imagine that COVID-19 is man made (which really isn’t too hard to believe) and that there is a financial elite (again really not hard to believe). This would mean that the financial elite (which easily owns trillions of dollars in assets combined) would’ve been able to sell their stocks right before the market was about to crash and buy the dip right when they knew that the FED would use massive Quantitative Easing (QE) aka infinite money printer.

Now, pretty much everyone knows that part, which is already very outrageous in itself. It is no secret that the biggest challenge of any investor or trader is to not be able to see the future. They can only try to anticipate it as good as possible. However, once one knows exactly what is going to happen, it’s possible to multiply one’s gains like crazy through fancy financial instruments such as options, loans, etc. In layman terms, it’s possible to basically control $10,000 with only 1$ theoretically.

So, through the virus, the elite was able to literally change the course of history and make crazy amount of money at the same time (similar to what Nathan Rothschild did when financing both sides of a war, more precisely the Napoleonic war).

The last thing I want is to bore you with too much finance and economics, but here’s a quick list of ways that one can make money when one literally know what is going to happen. They could short stocks which were obviously going to go down, they can buy United States Dollar (USD) which goes up in times of economic turmoil, they can buy gold, government bonds, etc. all at the same time with crazy leverage through loans, fractional reserve banking, etc. This is without to say that through the pandemic, they indirectly force the governments to in-debt themselves with money lent by the elite through private banks that literally create money out of nothing. So, while you are all happy about receiving your $1k stimulus check, keep in mind that your government (US for this exemple) has indirectly indebted you by $17k, and this is only so far because the pandemic is far from being over.

Oh, and the cherry on top? If the elite was able to create this virus, they definitely will have (if not already) the vaccine to it. And if you’re not buying it, your government will with your tax-money.

I know this is another pessimistic post, but I really needed to rant. For me it’s just so unfair that some people can make so much money, yet some need to work 40h+/week to just barely be able to put food on the table. On a brighter note, people seem to slowly wake up (again, extremely slowly). I feel like more and more people are realizing that something is wrong, and this might be because the elite has pushed the negative polarity too quickly.

If you are interested in understanding how the elite thinks and why it acts that way (child trafficking, wars, etc.) consider having a look at these articles.

I sincerely hope the best for each and everyone of you reading this through these hard times.



Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.

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