One Of The World’s Top Universities Is Offering All Of Their Courses Online, To Anyone, For Free

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Boston, Mass. – For learners who don’t want to invest in a full residential college ride, or who want to avoid the massive amounts of debt associated with university studies, a program called MITx could be a viable alternative.
With the advent of the internet came a revolution of information becoming available to the average person. MIT University took it one step further when they began a program called OpenCourseWare, which allowed anyone to download full course materials for virtually all classes for free.
But the new MITx interactive online learning platform will go further, giving students access to online laboratories, self-assessments and student-to-student discussions.
The freeing of information, by enabling people to study any subject available at MIT, was a great advancement for the ability of people to grow their knowledge base without having to go to college. The drawback is that there was no credentialing for learners that chose to utilize the program, thus providing minimal professional benefit.
In light of that fact, MIT began a program called MITx, which offers an “MIT –sanctioned certificate” for the completion of courses.
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“This is not MIT light. This is not an easier version of MIT,” said Provost L. Rafael Reif. “An MITx learner, anywhere they are, for them to earn a credential they have to demonstrate mastery of the subject just like an MIT student does.”

IT’s not a full-fledged diploma bearing the name MIT, as there is concern over potentially diluting the value of a degree earned by the university’s traditional program. However, the program provides for participants to be credentialed with an MITx certificate, as to provide for potential professional growth by being able to show mastery of a subject.
Most individuals “want to have piece of paper saying they learned something and maybe that will help them get a job,” Reif said.
Everything would be free, but program participants that want to receive a credential will be required to pay a small fee. The program is available to learners across the globe, all that is needed is internet access.
With the cost of university education growing exponentially and forcing many to forgo a higher education, this program looks to be a great equalizer for individuals throughout the world.

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5 thoughts on “One Of The World’s Top Universities Is Offering All Of Their Courses Online, To Anyone, For Free

  1. Wise move, and it can be a hitt if followed up with maybe live events of Q and A qalibre.
    Why arent there a topp 10 list of issues the science comunety is stugling with.
    Give the public something to chew on, mental challanges is scares this days.
    There will be no multitasking if this isnt awaiable to be multitasked upon.

  2. While it is certainly easy to lose faith in brick-and-mortar universities as they increase fees far out of proportion to inflation, it is also easy to respect MIT for taking this step. My bet is MIT can see the rise of online education and they want in on the action. Either way, those with a desire to learn will win.

  3. Usually I am quite crass when writing about the blending, still, of judeo-christian ‘schools’
    with ‘education’.
    Like all ofthe divinity schools of the Ivy league ((Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth,Princeton, Columbia,
    and the rest).
    How else can I put it, but direct and to the point?
    These 501 (c) 3 and 501 (c) 4 non-profit Tax exempt so called Universities (also, Boston College
    and the Like) are long time standing HOARDING CENTERS that in reality, do NOT
    need to charge one dime to ANY student that crosses their threshold!
    Harvard, ALONE, has an endowment that is the LARGEST of any other in ‘Higher Education” (LOVE the way, you consistently practice to deceive ALL, except those that know your
    terminology), which is $32.3 BILLION dollars as of June, 2013!
    How much is, say for easy figuring, a 10% return, overall, on that fine bit of HOARDING over
    the last 379 years or so!
    Is that $3.23 BILLION per year without touching the principal?
    So, we have a bad year, and only pull a 5% return next year.
    Is that $1.651 BILLION for that LOUSY year?
    6,655 students in undergraduate programs @ $57,000 per year to live on campus!
    That is $379,335,000 total Costs for ALL Undergraduates for the year!
    At $380 Million, that leaves $2.85 BILLION in a good investment year, and $1.27 BILLION
    This is just a blatant example of judeo-christian finishing school HOARDING tendencies.
    And, they are ALL a blight on the inner cities where they lie, as they PAY NO PROPERTY
    TAX to any municipality they sit in!
    Go to Yale’s Campus in New Haven, CT, and view for yourself the HARD CORE ghetto that exists all around it!
    It is in-bred into their truly vile creed and in their human nature!
    Caucasian male judeo-christo-CREEPS and their god damn white-skinned mangod FABLE religion!
    TRUE hoarders who will kill to HOARD MORE!
    Ivy League Harvard University is PROOF of that!

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