One of the worst Neocon Globalist Fascist propaganda pieces ever …. by AP

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The above article goes into the ancient history of Paul Manafort’s lobbying contract with Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska from 2006 to 2009.
This was long before the Neocon Globalists mounted their mass media propaganda campaign (which started in earnest in 2014) to turn Russia into an enemy because of the impending bankruptcy and collapse of the US Empire.
Let me first say that I find it extremely distasteful for any American be paid to lobby on behalf of a Foreign government or foreign Oligarch, irrespective of whether that foreign country is Saudi Arabia, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, the UK, Germany, Australia or anywhere else.
America already has far too many American Oligarchs buying the endemically corrupt politicians in Washington DC as it is.
Now lets get to the multitude of points that the AP’s crude propaganda article left out.
The rise of the Russian Oligarchs
Oleg Deripaska got his start as a Russian aluminum tycoon when U.S. puppet Boris Yeltsin followed the disastrous advice of Goldman Sachs and other American Globalist Neoliberals to sell off Russian State assets for pennies on the dollar.
Deripaska gained control of Sibirsky Aluminium Group and RUSAL – which is how he came to be a Russian billionaire Oligarch in the first place.
N.B. Goldman Sachs and the Globalist Neoliberals are also the reason for the rise of the other Russian (and Ukrainian) Oligarchs, the 1998 collapse of the Russian economy, a 40% fall in the living standards of ordinary Russians, a fall of a full 5 years off Russian life expectancy, Putin becoming the leader of Russia in December 1999 and Putin now enjoying an 80%+ approval rating among Russians – a level of support that any Western “leader” over the last 25 years can only distantly dream of.

The Clintons and the Podestas
The Podesta Group was very recently hired to lobby on behalf of two Russian banks to end the US sanctions on Russia. This is FAR more pertinent than anything that happened a decade ago.
Then there’s the Podesta Group successfully lobbying for a Canadian mining magnate to sell 20% of US Uranium to a Russian mining company, while Hillary was Secretary of State. The owners of said Canadian mining company having bribed the Clintons with a total of $145m in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

But it gets worse.
Much worse.
The AP article fails to even mention the longstanding (over a decade) business relationship between Oleg Deripaska and the Rothschilds – particularly his close associate Nat Rothschild (pictured above).
Oleg Deripaska, the Rothschilds, and Neocon Globalists Peter Mandelson and George Osborne
As well as Deripaska’s close association with the Rothschilds, he has a decade long relationship with the corrupt Neocon Globalist Bilderbergers, Peter Mandelson and George Osborne.
This scandalous relationship was first exposed in 2008 with “Yachtgate”.
Plotting and Poison in a Billionaires Playground – Deripaska, Nat Rothschild, Mandelson and George Osborne
There’s good information in the above article of Mandelson as EU Trade Commission adjusting EU tariffs to the benefit of Deripaska.
Also George Osborne seeking an illegal £50,000 donation to the Tory Party from a foreign national.

The close relationship between Globalists and Deripaska was further confirmed in 2012 with Peter Mandelson and Nat Rothschild’s visit to Deripaska in Siberia in 2012

Oleg Deripaska and John McCain’s recent push to include the tiny Mafia Fiefdom of Montenegro in NATO Deripaska and Nat Rothschild’s plans for a $5bn Monte Carlo type gambling resort and billionaires playground, in the Balkans
Oleg Deripaska has aluminum smelting interests in Montenegro.
There are no EU taxes, no environmental controls and the President / Prime Minister of Montenegro is called Mr. 10% because he’s so easy to bribe.
And Deripaska cut a favorable deal with EU Commissioner Peter Mandelson to lower the EU tariffs (see above).
The Mafia paradise that holds secret to tycoons’ alliance

The latest Oligarch plan is to build a $5bn billionaire’s gambling playground with berths for their 250 metre yachts in the super Marina they’ve just built.
Unsurprisingly the Oligarch schemers think they’ll need some serious protection for such a venture in a country notorious for its criminal Mafia gangs, corrupt politicians, tobacco smuggling and human trafficking to the EU.
They seem to figure the cheapest way of providing this protection for their “business interests” is to bribe some easily bribed politicians (like John McCain) to put some NATO troops on the ground, in a country that only has 45 regular troops of its own.
(See the Clinton’s,  Kosovo and NATO’s #CampBondSteel for an extremely similar scheme carried out in the late 1990’s on behalf of Albanian criminal gangs, drug and people smuggling plus a bit of human organ trafficking for good measure.)
Nat Rothschild throws a $1m Birthday Bash in Montenegro at his recently completed $500m Super Marina
Guests include Oleg Deripaska, Peter Mandelson, Barrick Gold’s CEO Peter Munk, Billionaire Owner of Chelsea FC Roman Abramovich and disgraced former BP CEO Tony Hayward of Deepwater Horizon fame.

Why is John McCain so keen to get Montenegro into NATO?
A $500m Super Marina, Nat Rothschild, Oleg Deripaska & Dubai

The Oligarchs can fill up their Super Yachts with tax free gas, before heading out to their other summer playgrounds in the Med.
There are zero advantages for American or European taxpayers of NATO being forced to protect the tiny Mafia Fiefdom of Montenegro, and serious drawbacks to such a scheme.
Some of the drawbacks were outlined by Rand Paul in his opposition to the move.
McCain and Montenegro: The Anatomy of a Conspiracy Theory

Don’t Add Montenegro To ‘Obsolete’ NATO: Senate Shouldn’t Sacrifice U.S. Security For Balkan Mouse

Montenegro remains highly divided on the issue of NATO membership with only about 40% of the population supporting it.
20,000 demonstrate government plans to join NATO in October 2015 (that’s 3% of the entire country or equivalent to 10 million protesting in DC or 2 million in London).

The Uselessness of NATO – Do we really want to defend Montenegro?



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