One Year After! CPI Rises 4.2% YoY, PPI Final Demand Rises 6.2% YoY, One Year After Fed Starts To Print Massive Amounts Of Money

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by confoundedinterest17

When Covid struck the March 2020, the economy slowed leading to a money printing bonanza by The Federal Reserve. Fast forward to today, and we see the US Core CPI (Inflation) hitting 4.2% YoY with today’s PPI Final Demand Prices YoY rising to 6.2%. It took a year to get there, but we are seeing inflation. In other words, one year after.

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Is it transitory or a permanent shift above The Fed’s 2% target? Permanent if the Biden Administration continues it current insane spending plan. Transitory if the Biden Administration pares back its prodigious spending due to resistance.

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Here is a video of Fed Chair Jay Powell shooting for a 2% inflation target … but missing wildly.




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