Only 11% of Tesla drivers purchase FSD. Whilst NVIDIA for example, sells driving tech to Volvo, Mercedes, Xpeng, etc, Tesla is barely selling it’s tech to its own automobile customers.

by Historical_Job_8609

Take up of FSD by Tesla owners is at all time lows of 11%.

Investors are so often told Tesla is not a car company but a tech company. It makes no business to business tech sales of note. It sells little tech to customers beyond the basics seen in any automobile with only 11% of customers taking up its optional driver tech package.

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Whilst we hear lots of hype over Tesla’s future tech sales and robo-taxis etc, companies like NVIDIA meanwhile are already selling driving systems-on-a-chip, their latest with AI capabilities and able to perform over 500 trillion operations per second:

The hype around Tesla and ignorance over actual EV and self-drive technology advancements in the market are stark.


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