Ontario Minimum Wage Hike Is Costing Us Money (Freedom Minute)

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Josh Sigurdson does another quick freedom minute report!
The Ontario minimum wage hike is not turning out like so many utopians hoped for.
Prices for food purchased at the province’s eateries rose 1.9 per cent in January from a month earlier, Statistics Canada reported.
The minimum wage hike perfectly defines the Hegelian Dialectic of problem, reaction, solution, repeat. Alongside the out of control printing of fiat currency rising the inflation rate, raising the minimum wage simply uniforms value at a higher price. So basically, you can raise it 20 dollars on top of today’s minimum wage. You will simply make just as much value but with a higher number on your money.
This is difficult to explain to most, but what we are seeing is the propping up of major corporation by the hand of the state.
McDonalds can afford to pay a minimum wage, but small businesses for the most part cannot. They have to sacrifice production and capitalistic incentive to compete and innovate, etc.
Instead of looking to government to fix the problems of government, we as individuals should fix these problems by the hand of demand.

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1 thought on “Ontario Minimum Wage Hike Is Costing Us Money (Freedom Minute)

  1. It is important that working people have incomes high enough to provide them with food and shelter. The minimum wage in Ontario
    is now $14 per hour and in about a year will raise to $15 per hour. Anything lower in wages amounts to legalized slavery. While I sympathies with small business owners and understand their problem if the business is not viable enough to support the owner and employees then perhaps its time cut cost or its time to close doors.

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