Opinion: Biden is being used as a one-term president to ram through every unpopular policy on the Democrat wish list. His approval rating is irrelevant, and he is expected to die for the party’s sins

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by skewtr

Democrats obviously know their policies are unpopular and harmful. They are doing this because they expect the public to blame Biden. With late-stage dementia, they don’t expect Biden to run again, or even live much longer after his presidency.

Once Biden is out of office and the country has fallen apart, Democrats will pretend to blame Biden, and ask to look forward into the future. However, their Green New Deal and $10 gas is already in place…


Here’s a list of specifics on what I mean. Biden and his staff showing absolutely zero interest in obvious midterm issues.

  • In the CNN Town Hall, Biden says he has no answer to inflation & the economy until 2022
  • Jen Psaki scoffing at “treadmills” when asked about the supply chain issue
  • Energy Sec Granholm on Bloomberg laughing and saying “that’s hilarious” when asked about increasing US energy production
  • Ron Klain saying that hyperinflation is a good thing. A “high class problem”.
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They’re openly saying they don’t care. They don’t even try to dance around the questions. Deal with it.


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