Opinion: No Matter How The 2020 US Presidential Election Is Held, What Matters Is Who Counts The Votes

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(by Half Dollar) A lot of people are now discussing how the 2020 election is going to be held, in light of the coronavirus, and what kind of impact any deviation from standard operating procedure would have at the polls come November?

Well, no matter who “wins” the Presidential Election this November, I’m sure this election will be plagued by even more controversy than in 2016, and as such, if Trump wins, even though we will all get the needed second term everybody has been patiently “trusting the plan” for, Trump will surely get so bogged down in investigation after investigation that his Administration never actually has the time to get around to investigating the Traitors.

Ironic how that works out, isn’t it?

But I digress.

Rightly so, if a person believes the votes are actually counted, then said believer is rightly worried right about now.


Now, if US elections were rigged before, just wait until they’re uber-rigged to a level unimaginable now that we’ve got this nasty little exotic designer virus known as Covid-19 to deal with!

I mean, from closed down or relocated polling stations, to social distancing disruptions and everything in between, like vote-by-mail, vote-by-computer, and who knows what else (vote-by-smartphone-app?), it sure seems the Deep State Globalists will literally be able to steal this upcoming election easier than they’ve stolen any election before.


And for the record, I assume any election of any real importance to the Deep State Globalists involves candidates who are ultimately selected and not elected.

In other words, when people say, metaphorically, “I’m only one person, and my vote doesn’t count”, to that I say, “you’re right, and your vote is quite literally not counted”.

Remember: Some dead communist revolutionary from decades ago once said it’s not the vote that matters but the person counting the votes.

Or something to that effect.

But there I go again.


OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what’s got you cranking out a political rant today?”.

Good question.

The reason is because a lot of times I get labeled as a Trump hater or a Trump basher, and that’s not true because I dislike all politicians equally, so in that sense, I don’t like Trump as much as I don’t like Hillary as much as I don’t like Obama, and so on, and so forth, and it should be our duty to dislike politicians anyway, because there’s something very inherently wrong with a person who wants to tell another person what to do, or what not to do, so people in positions of political power over others should have power so limited that they can basically only ever do little more than nothing in very rare circumstances.

Here’s my point: The government in general, and politicians specifically, should only do what the US Constitution says they can do, and that’s it.

That said, Ron Paul discussed the upcoming November election, among other issues, with Congressman Massie during today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Perhaps you recall Massie is the Republican Congressman from Kentucky who had the gall to demand that Congress held the Fiscal Stimulus Vote in-person.

In the end, it was a “voice vote”.


Needless to say, Massie’s rightly worried:

Massie’d better get to doin’ some good old-fashioned Trump butt kissin’ if he wants to continue his already very lengthy time in Washington as a Congressman.



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