Opinion: The US will be the Coronavirus center of the world by the end of this week

by tais0n

Worldometers data

With the rapid growth in new cases and deaths the US will likely exceed both Italy and China in total Coronavirus cases this week – by Monday we will be top of this kits.

Cases have been accelerating in other states across the US where previously NY was the majority of cases they only made up ~50% of today’s new cases.

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Italy, Iran, China, Germany have all flattened the curve – ours is still going up like a rocket.


Wednesday’s major coronavirus updates:
– USA: +11,204 cases, +146 deaths
– Spain: +7,457 cases, +656 deaths
– Italy: +5,210 cases, +683 deaths
– Germany: +3,907 cases, +47 deaths
– France: +2,931 cases, +231 deaths
– Iran: +2,206 cases, +143 deaths
– UK: +1,452 cases, +43 deaths