OR – How to Use CBD Lotions, Creams, Ointments, and Balms

CBD products are almost everywhere these days. Instead of the very idea of CBD sending shivers down people’s spines, they are used nearly every single day.

Whether to treat a specific condition or to help relax you, CBD has become something accepted and understood by a growing proportion of the population.

However, there is still one slight problem – what on earth are all of these different types of CBD products?

While CBD oil is simple enough, how are you supposed to use all these different CBD topicals?

Here’s how to use all kinds of different CBD topical products.

What Are CBD Topicals?

To first understand how to use all these different CBD products, it would be helpful actually to know what these CBD topicals actually are.

CBD topicals differ from CBD oil in that they are not intended to be ingested whatsoever. To make all kinds of CBD topicals, CBD is extracted from CBD-rich Cannabis using an extraction method known as supercritical extraction.

From there, it is suspended within neutral oil and combined with all kinds of different soothing substances to produce whatever kind of CBD topical the manufacturers want.

In essence, all CBD topicals are nothing more than pure CBD oil that is mixed in with all kinds of creams and soothing agents to make it assimilate into your skin better.

The main difference between all the different types of CBD topicals is what they are intended for.

CBD Lotions & CBD Creams

CBD lotions and CBD creams are some of the most popular CBD topical products. The primary difference between these types of CBD topicals and others is that they make use of a very small amount of water in their mix.

This allows them not only to be more spreadable and easily malleable, but they also work to improve its ability to be absorbed into the skin.

The small amount of water added to each CBD lotion or CBD cream means that it breaks down on the skin a lot faster, as well as making it a lot easier to rub it in.

To use these CBD lotions and CBD creams, take a small amount onto your fingers, usually no more than a pea-sized amount. Once you are happy with the amount, rub it on the affected area.

The main benefit of this type of CBD product is that it allows you to easily apply the CBD to the precise area that needs it. So if you have dry skin or aching muscles in just one part of your body, you can easily rub this on.

Most of the time, however, CBD lotions and CBD creams are focused on improving skin conditions. They work to either moisturize dry skin or to help improve a variety of rashes or other skin issues that can sometimes crop up.

CBD Ointments & CBD Balms

CBD ointments and CBD balms are both similar products that are designed to be applied to injured areas to help promote healing.

The leading quality of both CBD ointments and CBD balms is that they contain little to no water content and are nothing more than the pure fat of the oil, as well as a few flavoring oils.

Sometimes these flavoring oils are made from nice smelling herbs to make the process of applying them more pleasant, but most of the time, they contain natural medicinal herbs. These oils help aid the skin in healing and increase the speed with which the CBD enters the skin.

To use these more medicinal CBD products, apply a generous amount onto the painful area, rubbing it in intensely. If the area is still an open wound, you should probably cover the area with thick plaster and allow the CBD balm to work its magic.

Final Thoughts On How to Use CBD Topical Creams

CBD topical products are easily one of the most confusing aspects of trying to get into the world of CBD.

For those not used to it, the idea of rubbing CBD all over yourself can seem a bit… odd.

However, once you understand how easy it is to use, you can safely go ahead and add all kinds of different CBD lotions, creams, ointments, and balms to your CBD repertoire.

After all, every particular CBD product has its place, and you never know when you’ll need it.



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