Orban & Farage Stand Up to Club Member George Soros & His EU Parliament Cronies

by Thinker

“You are the most corrupt government in the EU”

Heated debate in European parliament on Hungary…”LIES” will not stand in the parliament that is supposed to be representing the people. Nations are joining together with leaders who are like minded, and by history and actions, the people see the politicians who have their back, and those that don’t. The people are awakening and the “secret societies” that U.S. president John F. Kennedy warned the world about are in a panic!!!

Acts of politicians that are evil and corruption are being called out by those who “ARE” representing the people and honor!!!

Viktor Orban tells EU parliament: ‘Hungary will not be blackmailed!’ Farage had a clear message for Orban and Hungary: “Come and join the Brexit Club, you’ll love it!”

Even ‘Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has resigned saying he “cannot in good conscience support” draft Brexit agreement’

A draft that isn’t for the people and just for more of the same old thing, or what is it that isn’t being told. What did Dominic Raab see that made him walk away???