Oregon now the U.S. leader in ‘suicide tourism’

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It’s really a dark place, just around Portland. The rest of the state is pretty sane…

Record numbers of people ended their lives in Oregon last year in America’s most advanced doctor-assisted suicide program, which now lets out-of-state ‘death tourists’ get lethal drug cocktails on the West Coast.

Last year, 431 people received fatal prescriptions under the state’s Death With Dignity Act (DWDA), and 278 people used them to end their lives, Oregon Health Authority said in its annual report.

That’s a jump from 383 scripts and 238 deaths the previous year.

The 19-page report is the first time Oregon has recorded the non-residents who travelled to end their lives on the West Coast, under last year’s controversial expansion of the scheme.

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Officially, three out-of-staters ended their lives in Oregon last year.

But officials say the real number could be much higher, as doctors do not have to record a patients’ residency status before inking their scripts.


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