Oregonians can go maskless outside, must show proof of vaccination to forgo masks indoors, state says

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Oregon will allow people to go maskless outside but will require them to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 — and be able to prove it — to forgo masks in most public indoor settings.

That’s according to new guidance released by the Oregon Health Authority on Tuesday.

Oregonians will no longer be required to wear masks in public outdoor areas, regardless of their vaccination status, under the new guidance. However, the state is still recommending that people wear masks in crowds and large gatherings, especially if they are unvaccinated or at high risk for COVID-19.

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Effective Date: May 18, 2021

Interim Guidance for Fully Vaccinated Individuals:

Applicability and Enforcement of Mask, Face Covering and Face Shield Guidance and Physical Distancing Requirements in Public Settings

Applicability: This guidance applies statewide to:

 Fully vaccinated individuals in Oregon regarding requirements to wear masks, face
coverings and face shields and physically distance; and

 Places of employment, businesses, faith institutions, and other settings subject to current state guidance regarding mask, face covering and face shield requirements and physical distancing requirements. This guidance adjusts the applicability and enforcement of current state guidance for fully vaccinated individuals.

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Definitions. For purposes of this guidance the following definitions apply:




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