Organizing Your Company’s Creative Operations For Better Financial Returns

Most companies rely on marketing campaigns to grow their business. Many marketing and creative departments still operate using outdated technology and poor internal processes. For achieving better creative outcomes, it is vital companies streamline their creative and marketing operations by using the latest software solutions and centralize all their digital assets in one place using a DAM system (Digital Asset Management). Many brands suffer from bad reputation when mistakes are made which is why brand management software is also becoming increasingly important. To prevent disruptions and financial losses, more and more media enterprises are organizing their creative activities through marketing operations software which combines DAM software with digital brand guidelines and marketing operations software.

How can companies organize creative operations?


  • Technology: Technology has greatly facilitated organizing creative operations. The latest creative operations software has reduced the workload of the team who are supposed to coordinate creative teams, thereby minimizing human errors and allowing greater bandwidth for business expansion. Modern tools combine digital asset management with marketing operations software to bring a new level of sophistication to marketing departments. Companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and IntelligenceBank all offer suitable solutions for large companies.


    • Supervision: The work of the various creative teams needs to be monitored. As the strategies that are taken up for company needs to be implemented. The supervisors take note if these strategies are being executed effectively and timely. Supervision also includes approval of the process plan before it is adopted by the creative team. It is important this is done using sophisticated tools for later auditing and resource planning.


  • Evaluation: A continuous evaluation process is necessary to assess the effectiveness of the strategies used by the creative teams for better financial returns. It also helps in tracking the efforts made by the employees. The evaluation also enables measuring the work whether it is moving toward the strategies. 
  • Bringing balance: Organizing brings a balance between planning and scheduling. With the help of the organizing tools, the process becomes more smooth and fast.


  • Feedback: For improvements of the employees’ performance and judging the effectiveness of the strategies proper feedback is necessary. Feedbacks whether positive or negative helps to identify the loopholes and understanding the area which needs to be worked upon. Continuous review of the process is needed by the creative teams to analyse the workflow and relevance of the strategies. 

How does the streamlining of creative operations help a company?


  • Coordination: Organizing creative operations means there is a better flow of work. There is coordination between the employees and the work so that the workflow is smoother and less time-consuming. The improved communication and coordination between the different creative teams and departments result in a better financial return for the company.  DAM software can help by sharing the same assets across different global teams and departments.
  • Collaboration: Synchronisation of different teams means collaboration between the members of different teams. It promotes teamwork. This collaboration helps in the exchange of ideas. And in turn, this exposure of employees to new ideas and opinions help the growth of the company. This collaboration helps different teams deal with difficult tasks more efficiently.
  • Better strategies: An organized workflow and collaborations facilitate better financial strategies to be adopted by the entire department. These unique strategies enhance the financial return of the company.
  • Increased productivity: If the work is organized employees can invest less time in sorting out what needs to be done how. This extra time is invested in production so employees can work more efficiently and their productivity is increased. It also helps employees meeting deadlines on time. 


Creative operations make the workflow more structured. That means the work is done in a streamline and in much less time. 



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