Oshawa Ontario – PPC candidate arrested for drinking coffee at Tim Hortons because he’s unvaccinated

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The Vax Passport Gestapo were out in force to arrest a very dangerous person.
Darryl Mackie the Oshawa candidate for the PPC party – who was the only party against the vax mandates and vax passports – was arrested this morning at a Tim Hortons for drinking coffee inside the building.

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He went in without a mask, ordered a coffee and sat down. Police came and arrested him and put him in the cop car and took him away.

This is Canada today.

Thanks to every asshat who voted NDP, Liberal and even PC. You dumb jackasses are promoting hatred, segregation and a Communist environment here in the back-assward country of Canuckistan.

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Note: the leftist media spins this to make Darryl look like an idiot.
YES this IS a Rosa Parks moment.



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