OUCH: Boeing’s Spaceship Still Really, Really Sucks.

via futurism:

In an announcement, NASA outlined a whopping 80 recommendations for Boeing to fix its astronaut shuttle. It’s the final assessment of the agency’s investigation that followed a botched December test flight that almost ended in disaster.

The news comes after Boeing was found in February to have failed to conduct an “end-to-end” test of its Starliner spacecraft prior to the December test flight. At the time, Boeing was under the belief that it would have been “more logical to break the mission phases into chunks and do a lot of testing in those smaller chunks,” according to Starliner program manager John Mulholland.

The recommendations released this week include overhauls to the communications hardware, several updates to the spacecraft’s software, and changes to safety reporting structures.

That’s a lot to fix before the Starliner’s next test launch this fall.

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