Our cars are spying on us

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Our lives are under surveillance more and more. Facebook and Amazon, our phones and TVs are all listening to us and selling the data to whoever pays the bill. Now our cars are selling us out as well



Vehicles are increasingly coming connected with Wi-Fi and may know more about you than you think – where you’ve been, what you’re listening to and what kind of coffee you like. All information that privacy advocates are warning may end up in the hands of advertisers or even your insurance company, reports CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave.

Under the hood of one car, Ford’s former head of tech John Ellis found four computers. Inside the car, he hooked up his smart phone to show the data streaming in real time.

“With enough data, I can discern patterns that seem to be almost non-existent to the human eye,” Ellis said.

From the brakes to the windshield wipers, with as many as 100 points that generate data, today’s cars pack the power of 20 personal computers and can process up to 25 gigs of data every hour – some of it beamed back.

Now, carmakers are rushing to turn your car’s data into a revenue stream, reselling blocks of location information and, one day, information from cars’ on-board cameras and sensors could be bought by mapping companies or apps that monitor traffic conditions. Seventy-two percent of car owners said they had no idea was happening.

“We know how tired you are because we have cameras inside of the car looking at the driver to look for eyelid movement,” Ellis said. “Some of the cars have an ability to detect alcohol…are you weaving? Are you moving? Are you harsh-braking?”


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