Our elites reveal their plan to govern America: divide and rule

by Fabius Maximus

Summary: Only recently have our elites become sufficiently confident to speak about the massive social engineering they’ve done without our consent. They also (cluelessly) worry about the public’s loss of confidence in our political system. We should listen to them, and learn. Then act.

Knowledge is power

“Thanks to immigration, stronger laws and years of hard work, our poisonous biracial era is ending. …This is not the 1980s; race isn’t the issue it was 30 years ago. It isn’t binary – black and white – anymore. It’s a kaleidoscope now: Latinos outnumber blacks in the American population, healthy dollops of South and East Asians add to the mix, and the prospect of a nonwhite majority is just around the bend. ”

“There will always be injustices like the murder of Trayvon Martin, but in our multiracial future, led by our color-blind children, there will be fewer of them.”

— Joe Klein in TIME, 29 July 2013.

Joe Klein deserves attention as a leftist intellectual, a voice of bi-coastal establishment that runs America. Political columnist for TIME, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a former Guggenheim Fellow(for exceptional creative ability or scholarship in the arts), and writer for The New RepublicThe New York TimesThe Washington PostLife, and Rolling Stone.

In this essay he tells of two things. First, the re-opening of America’s borders in the 1970s was a deliberate project to change the demographics of America and remove the political power of its then white majority. They obviously consider race to be an important factor. He does not explain their motives of his leaders in doing so; he might not know them.

Second, he believes this will produce a society with less awareness of race and less conflict. That’s quite mad, considering the history of multi-racial societies. Already we see the opposite happening. The Left tells us that race is of supreme importance, and must be considered in all aspects of life. Naturally, groups on the right have arisen that agree with that viewpoint.

How will this “kaleidoscope” of races create color-blindness? Our official policy is multiculturalism. Group are encouraged to have strong racial/ethnic/religious identifications that set them at odds with the White majority. There is a large and growing social and political infrastructure that depends on people being very color conscious. Everything from affirmative action to scholarship programs to government contracts to diversity entrepreneurs flogging “White privilege” depends on these identifications. And that means that these vested interests have every reason to continue this identity politics into the future. We are becoming more divided, not less.

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Paul Krugman explains

See this interview of Paul Krugman on Urix (a news show on Norwegian NRK2), 8 January 2004 (link). English allows descriptions without actors, as in “the dish fell.” It sounds so much nicer than saying “we have used undemocratic means to change the demographic balance of America and take away their political power.” He is quite right that this creates a “difficult and dangerous time”, since they might use similar means against Krugman and his team.

“A lot of the craziness comes from cultural/ethnic issues. Rural White Americans who feel they are losing their country, and they are right. They are losing their country. In the end, the power they now have will go away, but it’s a very difficult and dangerous time until then.”

The Death of Democracy

When did we vote for opening America’s borders as social engineering? Which presidential candidate ran with this as their platform? Were there NYT and WaPo editorials advocating this?

The Atlantic, with the sublime obliviousness for which it is famous, devotes their October issue to the consequences of our elite’s social engineering.

The American Crisis – democracy is in a fragile state” by Jeffrey Goldberg, their editor. His analysis is reliable for being politically correct, advocating positions useful to our elites, and usually wrong or misleading.

Americans Aren’t Practicing Democracy Anymore” by Yonne Applebaum — “As participation in civic life has dwindled, so has public faith in the country’s system of government.”  That is rational, since our elites act without our consent, even against our interests. Yonne does not mention that governments that become illegitimate arouse a different form of civic participation, as people work to overthrow them. When a nation’s elites abandon the middle, they turn to the extremes. That is obviously happening in Europe. We might be just a decade behind them.

The Threat of Tribalism” by Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld – “The Constitution once united a diverse country under a banner of ideas. But partisanship has turned Americans against one another – and against the principles enshrined in our founding document.” This is especially rich. The Left are obsessed with identity politics, and implements it on the shards of the Constitution. Amy and Jed see the result, “partisanship” – as a cause.

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A House Still Divided” by Ibram X. Kendi – “In 1858, Abraham Lincoln warned that America could not remain ‘half slave and half free.’ Today, the country remains divided by racism – and the threat is as existential as it was before the Civil War.” The Left abandoned Lincoln’s project (represented by the movement led by MLK Jr.) in the late 1960s. Instead of a color-blind society, they advocated one based on identity politics. Now they whine about the results of the success.

This is propaganda by highly skilled practitioners. It is an example of “we are ignorant because we read the press.” But underlying their pretty words is fear. They have unleashed social forces that have moved beyond their control. This is an inevitable result of their social engineering. They begin to see the consequences. Of course, they blame others.

The nickel summary

This summer I was talking to a group of young men (early twenties), whom I led when they were Boy Scouts. One summarized how many of their see the America they’re joining. It is like your first day in prison. Alone you are just fresh meat, everybody’s victim. Survival means joining a gang. You look around. The Puerto Ricans, The Chinese. The Blacks. The whites. The whites are biker nazis. There is no choice.

This is dark vision, implying that we have passed the last day with easy or pleasant options. But whatever the path each of us takes from here, be aware of two things. First, see the people who inflicted this situation on America.

Second, remember that we can get through this if we stand together. Our elites have successfully divided us – dīvide et imperā – making us easy to rule. But we can overcome this, if enough of us try.


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