Our GUESTS Will Be Here In 5 to 7 Days. National Guard has been put on alert. They want to do to us what they did in Europe. No joke.

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Caravan Of Illegals heading For Border Grows to Over 5000. Numbers Growing Daily.

What we know so far about the Caravan:

The caravan has grown to 5000 as of last night and is growing larger every day.

Paul Nehlen posted on Facebook: “I’ve NOT ruled out heading to the border myself to make a militia stand defending this nation from a foreign invasion, should Trump fail to act.”

A few comments here:1. Looking forward to Trump announcing exactly how he will thwart this invasion.2. I've NOT ruled…

Posted by Paul Nehlen on Friday, March 30, 2018

380 Sheriffs Urge Congress to BUILD THE WALL

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Trump privately presses for military to pay for border wall

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