Our magnetosphere is weakening. Thing are only going to get worst heading into solar cycle 25.

by Aussieblueperson

In the upcoming 11 years there will be an increase in stories about space weather. Whether it be turning off satellites to protect them to shutting down airports to avoid geomagnetic storms. There is no amount of money in the world that’s going to change this. Weather extreme’s will continue to push our understanding of what’s possible. They don’t want you to know we’re currently playing Russian roulette with our star.

For those interested in understanding the truth about climate change, I have some things for you to research.
Earth – sun connection
space weathers geophysical effect.
History of magnetic excursions and the glacial periods associated with them.

Our contingency plan against solar activity is weakening. It threatens our way of life, our infrastructure and health. There has been an onslaught of video’s telling people to not worry about it lately and to quote 2012, “when the tell you not to panic, that’s the time to panic!”

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Be prepared with water, food and medical supplies encase there’s an issue with your power lines in your local area.