Our Reliance on China is A Direct Threat To Our National Security

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I really think this whole virus crisis is exposing what a huge national security risk we have allowed to develop with our dependence on China for pretty much everything.

All of our antibiotics come from China.
All of our “stuff” comes from China. Electronics, clothes, shoes, furniture…
Hell we can’t even build a bomb without getting rare earth materials from China.

We need to rethink this and I hope president trump will address this asap. We need to make it illegal to leave us no capacity to provide for ourselves.

China has THE monopoly on the stuff essential for our daily living.

And let’s not forget that China buys our Tbills which covers our deficit and keeps our government afloat.

We are screwed without them and we better take steps to get making our own essentials–like drugs. And we need to do this asap.

American corporations sold out America is what happened here. And our elected officials let them.


“Everything from antibiotics to chemotherapy drugs, from antidepressants to Alzheimer’s medications to treatments for HIV/AIDS, are frequently produced by Chinese manufacturers. What’s more, the most effective breathing masks and the bulk of other personal protective equipment — key to containing the spread of coronavirus and protecting health care workers — and even the basic syringe are largely made in China. The basic building blocks of U.S. health care are now under Xi’s control…”



Mike Pompeo says dems let them Infiltrate our entire nation.



h/t telling it straight


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