OUTRAGE: For The Same Crime Of “Mishandling Classified Information” – Clinton And Abedin FREE – While Ex-NSA Contractor Hal Martin INDICTED. JAMES COMEY Should Be Indicted For Miscarriage Of Justice!

by Pamela Williams
Hal Martin, 51, was arrested in late August after the FBI executed a search warrant and found huge volumes of classified information strewn through his home office and car.  Hal was a NSA employee, who had a bad habit of hoarding.  He would take papers home with him (just as Huma Abedin did), and they would end up strewn around his home.  
But Hal is getting a much different treatment than Clinton and her assistant received.  His judge won’t release ex-NSA contractor accused of hoarding classified data.
After a hearing that stretched to more than an hour in federal court here, U.S. Magistrate Judge David Copperthite ruled hat Martin posed a risk of flight due to the seriousness of the charges against him and the weight of the evidence.
Of course, we know that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin were never indicted or charged wiith anything.  In fact, FBI Director Comey said “Hillary had been extremely careless” in her handling of “classified material.” In Martin’s case, he counseled colleagues on how to improve the security of digital data, while endangering it himself. The magistrate also noted that the Booz Allen Hamilton contractor had amassed about 10 firearms and appeared to have mental health problems.
Well, I wonder if Hillary’s or Abedin’s homes were ever searched for guns.  I, too, wonder if they were analyzed by a psychiatrist for mental health problems.  Since all the rules in their cases did not apply, I would say they were never made to do anything they did not want to.  They had their own private protector in FBI Director James Comey.
THIS IS A VERY SIGNIFICANT STATEMENT HERE: Saying that Martin was guilty of “crimes of betrayal and deceit,” prosecutor Zachary Myers accused the defendant of “theft of irreplaceable classified information on a breathtaking scale.”
Although Hillary and Abedin were much more guilty of “crimes of betrayal and deceit” than Martin, Huma is somewhere in New York working in the fashion industry, while Hillary is out and about making speeches and working to overthrow the President of the United States.  Martin is behind bars.
Myers did not explain whether he meant that Martin had stolen records or data that the government did not maintain copies of, but the prosecutor said investigators seized from the computer specialist’s home and car more than 50 terabytes of data, “a substantial quantity of which is highly classified.”
In Hillary’s case, she actually transferred data from her computer hard drive and gave it to her attorney, David Kendall, for safe keeping.  However, Kendall did not have a security clearance; thus, he was never supposed to by law read classified material.  He probably still has it.
I want to mention, too, that something extremely tragic in Hillary’s case is the fact there were agents in the field, who lost their lives when Hillary outed them in her emails.  This was a top secret operation hat was very delicate.  Hillary should have been extremely sensitive to this issue, as it dealt in life and death.
The charges prosecutors filed against Martin were:

  1. Felony theft of government property, and
  2. Misdemeanor unauthorized retention of classified information.

Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin were both guilty of the same crimes.  This should enrage Americans, and it should also prove that FBI Director James Comey went out of his way to protect Abedin and Clinton.
Comey neglected to do his duty, and he should have been fired for that!
In Martin’s case the defense said Martin’s home had been completely cleared out, and there was no reason he could not be sent there under house arrest,  Myers said Martin could have posted classified information in the cloud and could transfer it to others if set free.  So Martin is being held in jail without bail.
In Hillary and Abedin’s case, they are roaming around scott free with no persecution whatsoever!  I am very angry over this double -standard, and I hope you are, too.
Please spread this news far and wide.  It is a travesty of justice, and James Comey is guilty for failing to recommend indictment for Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin!  While I am sure Hal Martin will be put under the jail for the rest of his life.  In truth, he is an angel compared to Clinton and Abedin.
Source: Politico

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