Over 10,000 Deaths Caused by COVID Vaccines Reported by the CDC and EMA

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By Chris Black

More than 10,000 people died shortly after COVID-19 vaccination in December, US and European authorities said. Deaths include more than 7,100 in Europe, according to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and 3,005 reported by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), LifeSiteNewsreports.

As of Tuesday, EudraVigilance, the EMA’s database of adverse drug reports, reported 4,036 “fatal results” after vaccination with Pfizer, as well as 1,922 and 1,234 deaths after vaccines given by Moderna and , by AstraZeneca.

EudraVigilance also reported 20 deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson. The database revealed more than 200,000 injuries, possibly related to the four vaccines, of which tens of thousands of cases considered “serious”. The US government also reported 3,005 deaths and more than 56,869 side effects after the April 12 coronavirus vaccinations.

The injuries in the United States are being tracked by VAERS, a surveillance system overseen by the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Among the adverse reaction reports for the COVID-19 vaccine published by VAERS, 42% of deaths occurred in people who became ill within 48 hours of inoculation. “Vaccination campaigns, apparently, often take place in nursing homes without ensuring in advance that the person affected has not already contracted an infection,” said Dr. Frank Gunter, a German medical expert, who indicated the“ insufficiently researched long-term consequences ”of vaccines.

“I have never seen such a large number of side effects of a vaccine,” said Parisian infectious disease specialist Prof. Eric Caumes last year. “No, really, it’s too much, maybe there’s a problem,” he told Le Parisien. The conclusion of LifeSiteNews is that all healthy people who contract the Covid virus survive, especially with certain treatment schemes.

Speaking of vaccines and herd immunity acquired through mass vaccinations (forget about mRNA genetic therapy, which is experimental and very weird), 70% of people already have T-cell immunity from other infections. Children have near 100% immunity due to the many early childhood infections they get. T-cell immunity lasts 15-20 years, and in some cases a lifetime.

The body never forgets how to make antibodies, however due to age and other things like toxins and injury cause the immune system to be less effective.

Always remember:



If you could asymptomatically spread a virus, every person on Earth would have herpes. Every surface you touch would be covered with it. 

SARS-CoV-2 has never been properly isolated and sequenced. The supposed genome was compiled by a computer simulation to create what should be the virus. Labs are trying to match a genetic sample to something that doesn’t exist. Every time a lab runs a test to sequence the supposed virus, the genome doesn’t match, so they claim it is a variant.

Did you know that there have been over 150k variants of Covid-19 sequenced since the start? This is an absolute biological impossibly.

 Back in July scientists were saying that the supposed Italian strain was so different from the Wuhan strain, that it would have taken twenty years for the mutations to reach that point. That would mean the infections are completely different viruses.

Gottlieb and Fauci need to be put in a pit and forced to fight to the death. The winner will be told he gets to work for the Harris administration. Instead he gets to be fed to rabid Chihuahuas. 

I don’t know how they got the world to go along with the idea that herd immunity only comes from a syringe, but people have been dumbed down for decades. Of course face diapers were known to be useless for 100 years, but everyone went along with it.

The WHO only changed the definition of herd immunity a few months ago. I wonder why.

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