Over the last week major political shakeups have occurred across the globe, which may provide context of to we are seeing in America right now, and what may come in the next few days

by KorrectDaRekard

1/15/21 Entire Russian government (Except Putin) resigns

1/13/21 Italy Prime Minister withdraws his party from ruling coalition, forcing the ministers to resign.

1/15/21 Netherlands government resigns over corruption scandal.

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1/12/21 Entire government of Kuwait resigns.

1/13/21 Estonian government resigns over corruption investigation

1/16/21 – Government of Guinea resigns

1/17/21 Washington DC under Military Occupation, all Federal Prisons in the country have gone into lockdown

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May or may not be related, but worth noting…

1/16/21 Benjamin de Rothschild dies at 57

Ghislane Maxwell files set to be released tomorrow 1/19/21




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