Paid 138k a year as a judge, but doesn't show up to work for months

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No-Show Judge confronted by Rob Wolchek

Hmmmm… doesn’t pay her bills, doesn’t show up to work. Sounds like a real winner, and it appears she lives in Detroit. It’s cool, they can afford it.

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7 thoughts on “Paid 138k a year as a judge, but doesn't show up to work for months

    • This fat assed conperson needs to STOP with the lame excuses and go to work already. Good God the woman has a freaking JOB and still won’t go to work……!!!! Negras ARE HOPELESS at this rate. She makes the typical Welfare Queen look like a piker….

  1. Typical…..and NO repayment of salary…..typical sheboone mentality……why work when I can get lots of FREE MONEY from Uncle Sam?

  2. When I had an employer if I didn’t show up for work I not only wouldn’t get paid, I’d be fired. A judge shouldn’t be any different. In fact, since they are a public employee, they work for me. YOU’RE FIRED!

    • Can’t do it because it would be racism and sh&t. Nothing to do about….you…know…Fat,..lazy….black,..and a wooo…woooo….owoooman.

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