Paid my first fine for not wearing a mask!

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by AC

I was drinking a cup of tea and smoking a cigarette outside a store when I saw a guy wearing camouflaged uniform (not the ones used by the army) walking toward me.

I noticed there was a cop vehicle behind him so I knew I’m going to pay a fine. I tossed the cig away when I saw them. (Doing that usually get you some leniency).

The camouflaged unified guy said I have to pay 2 fines: Rs1000 for smoking and Rs200 for not wearing a mask. But he said he’ll let the cigarette offense slide and make me pay for not wearing a mask. (I had my mask on, but I had lowered it so I could smoke the cigarette and drink my tea).

There were other people around me who were also smoking but they disappeared quickly because they thought they were next.

I paid up the Rs200 fine and received a receipt that said the fine was for “causing public nuisance, smoking”.

I’m feeling pretty pissed about it. But then again, things could have turned out much worse. Like the other cops who were with him could have showed up and made me pay up the bigger fine of Rs1000 for smoking. That would have really ruined my day.

I guess I was lucky. But I’m going to have to get used to the fact that I can’t even smoke a CIGARETTE without having to worry about fines.



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